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A Reminder!
Remember that if you are playing an arranged game, whether it is a club championship or other, please put your name up on the board so the greens staff knows that there are games to be played. If you do not record the game on the board, it is possible that there will not be a rink available. Also if you are unavailable to play, there is a unavailability blackboard (no longer a book) in the Chart Room.


After a Green Closed announcement has been made or the Green Closed notice placed on a green, No approach is to be made to the Green Keeper to alter his decision.

Club Tags, Alarm and Rewards

Members need to get a special numbered tag now to gain access to club. See Graham Thomson to get yours. This tag increases security at the club and will act as a club rewards system at bar.


Club Bowls are kept in the shed by the side gate to the park.
These are primarily for the running of Corporate and Social Bowls Experiences.
Members are welcome to try them out but they must be returned to the shed after use and the Inside/Outside stickers are not to be removed.

A book is provided to record when used and remember they are only for Temporary Use.

Selection of teams

Each Tuesday evening the names of players for men’s Club teams on the following Saturday will be shown in the clubs chart room, email and also on the clubs website.

Ladies teams are also posted in the chart room.

Change of address of telephone number
The Manager- Administration and Manager - Finance would appreciate prompt advice of any changes so that notice or calls may be handled with the minimum delay.

Club Equipment

Players must return Mats and Jacks to cupboards at close of play and zero scoreboards. The last player to leave the greens must ensure that the pavilion is properly locked, lights off and gates closed.

Bar Roster

The Latest bar rosters will be posted on bar door. Tony Fielding will also email it to the team and its available by clicking here as well. Any one willing to be on the bar roster contact Tony


Member, if you bring a visitor to the Club be courteous and introduce the visitor to the President.

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